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"I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go" - Psalms 32:8

The Mission of the Sunday School under the church is to teach and facilitate the students to learn the faith and life of the Church, love the Church and thus learn to walk with God to become a successful person. We look forward to assisting your children in developing a Christian way of life, a positive attitude, hope, love, understanding, faith, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, humility, and self-control through Prayer, Bible Study, class lessons and fellowship. We witness Christ to the community around us.

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Our Academic year for 2015-2016 began in September, 2015. We have 13 classes from Junior KG thru Senior with about 100 students and 20 Teachers.

1. Class Syllabus and Curriculum: Each class is conducted as per the syllabus and curriculum based on the Class Textbook and Workbook. Besides regular classes, extracurricular activities like debates, book reports/discussions and Bible jeopardy/quizzes are conducted in each class as appropriate.

2. Exams: The mid term examinations will be held in January and Final exams will be held in May/June during the academic year (which runs from August/September through May/June of the following calendar year). All students have to take the exams and must secure 70% to be promoted to the next grade. The students’ performance in the class including participation, homework, attendance and exams will be taken into account for overall evaluation and grading.

3. Competitions: We will be conducting Bible Verse, Song and Speech competitions on a class-wise and house-wise basis.

4. Each Sunday, the classes start at 8.45 AM with Music Ministry and Prayer and ends at 9.45AM before the Holy Qurbana.

5. Charity Drive: To develop in our Children the habit of giving to the less fortunate, we have a Charity drive program with a target of $1500. The amount raised will be used for various charitable causes.

6. OVBS: We look forward to conducting the Orthodox Vacation Bible School in the summer of 2016.

7. Centralized Exams: We plan to participate in the Centralized exams for students from grades 5, 8 and 10 conducted on the Diocesan level.

8. Nuhro: Students in Grades 2nd through 8th will participate in a 4-day Summer Camp(named "Nuhro") planned for June 2016.

9. KFC: "Kids For Christ" is a special ministry for students in Grades 3rd through 8th conducted on a bi-monthly basis.

10. Parent Teacher Coordinators are working with each Grade Teacher to develop a good relationship between the students in the class.

11. Library: The students are encouraged to use the Church Library(Rev. M.K.Thomas Library) as a resource center and learn additional matters in relation to the topics covered in each class.

12. Teachers Continuing Education and Training: For the continuing education and preparation of our Teachers, we organize Teachers' Meetings. In these meetings, we conduct Bible Study, followed by a Business session where we discuss the general progress and the different concerns teachers may have. Our Teachers are also working towards participating in the Teachers Training and Certification program at the Diocese level.

13. House System: Students from PreKG to the Senior class are divided into 4 houses. Students of each class will become members in the different houses. The four houses are St. Athanasius (Green), St. Ephrem(Yellow), St. Ignatius(Red) and St. Chrysostom(Blue). The competitions and participation in class and extracurricular activities by every student would bring in positive points to the house of the student. The house system is expected to develop team spirit, healthy competition, upliftment of students and bonding between students at the same age level as well a mentoring attitude in the older students. The leadership to the whole initiative would come from the Post Senior class (each students will be a head boy or a head girl) and the Senior class (students will be Prefects of that house).

What is expected of the parents?

1. Bring your children each Sunday at 8.45 am for Sunday school.

2. See that your child brings the Textbook, the Workbook, Bible, Service Book and writing materials to every class.

3. Spend some time with your child during the week/weekend to discuss what was done in class and encourage him/her to complete the week’s homework assignment. Try to have family meals.

4. As a family, read the Bible and pray. Prepare and participate with your children in the Holy Qurbana with reverence. Teach Common Prayer (especially Kauma, prayer for the departed, ...) to the children. If you require Prayer books or any other resource, we will assist you in getting the resources.

5. Meet with your child’s Teacher at least once in 2 months. Attend Parent Teacher Meetings.

6. Assist the Parent Teacher Coordinator to develop a good relationship between the students in the class.

Please contact the Principalof the Sunday School, Mr. Jimmy Panicker at 630-202-9700 or jgpanicker@hotmail.com for more information.

You may also contact the Sunday School using the following email address: sgocopsundayschool@gmail.com